Images courtesy of Roles Photography.

The world’s current economic state has encouraged many recent college graduates to develop a sometimes unexpected entrepreneurial attitude. Made up of graduates Craig Gruenewald and Kevin Hasenkopf, and free lance designer Alex Rehberg, V1Creative is beginning to develop itself as an option for local businesses and artists looking for creative media solutions. Based in Portland, the team recently shot a music video for Matty, Luck One and Spaceman. They are depending on quality products and word of mouth to help spread the word of their services.

“The music video thing ended up just kind of happening because we had a friend who knew Luck One. But I also want to get involved with smaller businesses in the area, and help them get involved with all the new social media marketing,” said Gruenewald. ” A lot of (the people we’re working with) are in our parents age, and they can go set up their own e-mail account and facebook maybe but they don’t know how to run a Twitter or a blog. So I’ve been creating sort of a v1creative social media guide. So either I can run your social media services for you or I can teach you the whole idea behind it and how to (use it to) start driving more customers to your restaurant or what not.”

Each of the three have their own defined roles within the company. Gruenewald is the voice of the company and works with clients defining goals with social media outlets. Hasenkopf, a University of Oregon Electronic Journalism graduate, stays busy with the video aspect of the company. And Rehberg, the youngest but most experienced member of the company, works with the graphic and web design.
Rehberg, now 20, got his first design job as a paid intern for Oliver Russel. In addition to doing working for v1Creative, he also does freelance work for local agencies Saturno and CMD.

“‘I’ve always been into anything where I can express myself creatively, and I was also kind of a nerdy kid,” he said. “In middle school web design was something I really enjoyed and got into.”

The company understands that local artist and business, for the most part, work with a very limited budget. They hope that their services will help artists and businesses grow, and allow them to grow along with them.

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