The Northwest has a lot of talented artists within the hip-hop community. The problem is that everyone thinks they will be the one to put “the northwest on the map” from the first time they pick up the microphone. But if it is the first time you are picking up the microphone, you are going to be a horrible. There is no getting around it. You may have all the potential in the world, and I’m not here to tell you don’t follow your dreams, follow your dreams, but ABSOLUTELY DO NOT invest money in yourself until you have been recording music for at least 2 years.

I know that it looks cool having stuff with your name on it, and you think you are going to make it because you are popular. But investing in CD’s, T-Shirts or whatever other promotional materials you think you can talk your friends into buying is a WASTE OF YOUR MONEY! You are going to end up with an attic full of CDs that nobody will want, not even you. Because two years from now, if you have any potential and a good work ethic, you are going to understand what a horrible rapper you are right now.

When you finally come across your “hit single” write me and thank me for having a budget to put a decent music video together because of the money you DIDN’T spend on 1000 wrapped copies of a terrible album.

I wish someone would have sat me down and given me this advice before I released The First Book (available at

What you need to do instead is take 90% of that money you are going to spend and put it in a savings account and give the other 10% to Luck One.


Even though Luck One is a HORRIBLE name to find with Google and You Tube searchs, He is one of the few artists in Portland who is consistently impressive on tracks, live and has the motivation and ability to be great. He has true star potential.

Instead of spending $1000 getting 1000 CDs filled with your horrible f*cking music, you will be able to save $900, and invest in a person from your city who is ready to get thrown into the national spotlight.

As of June, 2010 there were approximately 25,000 independent rappers in Portland. If less than 2% of these rappers, just 500 total, donate $100 each to help Luck One put a marketing campaign together, WE WILL ALL BE MAKING MORE MONEY OFF HIP-HOP BY 2013!

Putting Luck One on this map that we all dream about so much will have a trickledown effect for ALL OF US! Helping us make more money both locally and nationally.


Portland music lovers have historically only supported local artists AFTER they reach success on a national scale (see Modest Mouse). After Luck One reaches his national success, Portland will FINALLY start showing up to see him rock shows. At these shows they will be introduced to TxE, as one of the openers. Some of Luck One’s fans will become fans of TxE and start following them on Twitter, friending them on Facebook, and telling their friends about them. Because of this TxE will have more people at their show where Kenny Mack is opening. Some of TxE’s fans will become fans of Kenny Mack….

So not only will TxE make more money at the Luck One show because of the small investment, but they will also make more money at their own show. And because TxE makes more money at their show so will Kenny Mack…

Everyone will not be opening for Luck One. Many of you will resent those that do but as the trickledown continues, YOU WILL EARM MORE FANS, and more people to watch that music video you have been saving up for.

This same theory will apply to EVERY aspect of the music business.

1. iTunes.

FanGirl745 buys the Luck One album featuring Illmaculate. And then the Illmaculate album featuring Calvin Valentine. And then the Calvin Valentine…

2. Touring.

Promoters in every city will meet the Portland artists touring with Luck One. These artists will now have an actual promoter helping them out and won’t have to rely on local musician support (aka no support) to help make each stop on their next tour, where they introduce another Portland artist, a success.

3. Feature appearances.

Artists throughout the nation will want to work with artists who work with Luck One and are from Portland.

The benefits will not only be for rappers. And therefore the financial support should not only come from rappers.

A giant percentage of music being sold is bought by fellow artists. This leads to a tremendous opportunity for graphic designers, promoters, engineers and producers to directly reach a large number of potential customers. Being from Portland will mean a lot more when we have an artist with a legitimate national success story.

ALSO, it will be a lot easier to charge a legitimate rate for your financial services once local artists are making money off their craft.

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to tweet, “I’m done doing this sh*t for free. Its all business from here on.” ever again?

All you have to do is to invest $100 in Luck One today.

Time is Money.

If you are just starting out, and are working with a computer and blank cds as a budget, you can help too. Instead of wasting your time printing cds nobody wants to hear, get in touch with Luck One at his twitter page, @luckone, and see where you can pick up flyers to help him promote. The same concept applies to the time as to money. You will help yourself out far more by investing just 10% of what you would have spent on yourself on Luck One.

For more contact info visit