Luck One is a monster. It is really hard to argue a rapper is better.

The northwest is generally known for not taking itself very seriously, but Luck definitely does not fit into this mold.

Whether you are having a conversation with him, following him on Twitter, watching him perform live or listening to his music, you understand that he is a person that isn’t afraid of a little confrontation.

His new album, True Theory, features Braille, Illmaculate and Toni Hill amongst others. Its honestly one of my favorites to come out this year.

The Willamette Week said, “For Luck, True Theory was like a release valve and there wasn’t much of a filter on what came out. For the rest of us, it’s just a jaw-dropping debut.”

I unfortunately missed had to miss the release party, but our Photographer Andrew Roles was able to make it out and get some pics. Hopefully well have some video on the way…

Read more about the release party via a blog posted by Luck’s brother Mac Smiff here.

Go support the album! And thanks to Luck One for answering 7 Questions for We Out Here Magazine.

My name is… Luck-One AKA Luck Wonder. Shout out to Stevie (no relation).

I am…bound by gravity but reaching for greatness.

I like it when…people are willing to discuss ideas without bearing resentment.

One thing I wish the n.w. would share with the world is…Dekk beats!

One thing I wish the world would share with the n.w. is…industry budgets.

Something I have coming up is…total domination of all things terrestrial.

This is exciting because…its better than Jersey Shore.

Pics by Andrew Roles

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