Located on the Fremont neighborhood’s Canal Street is the Fremont Mischief distillery and tasting room–a place to sample premium spirits and chat with the people passionate about its creation. The space is small, but every square inch is tastefully utilized. Images of flappers sporadically catch your eye, trinkets and gadgets wait in drawers to be discovered, and there are more well designed bottles of liquor and hardwood finishes than even my dream study could hold. Three large windows offer views of beautiful handmade copper stills.  There are also clothes and hats, glassware and bar equipment, books and other unique odds and ends available for purchase.

As an ex-longshoreman, owner Mike Sherlock found himself in a position to take advantage of a non-existent international whiskey market. On a trip to sell fish in Asia he brought along some whiskey. This went over well. After being asked to bring back cases, Sherlock’s business skills and passion eventually led to Fremont Mischief. Their original whiskey is an eight year rye, distilled in Canada due to craft distillery law restrictions in Washington State at the time.

The John Jacob rye whiskey is aged two years in single use bourbon barrels. This selection is smoother than a baby’s bottom and it’s one of their finest whiskies. Either bottle goes for just over thirty dollars–a very reasonable price for whiskey of this caliber. Fremont Mischief also offers vodka and a gin.

This is a local, family-ran business that succeeds in two of the top challenges of any industry: being different and offering a quality product. When you visit their website or tasting room, you’ll see that they also focus attention to maintaining a positive image and take pride in using predominantly local ingredients. Keep an eye out for continued expansion from Fremont Mischief; Facebook and Twitter, and possibly even some live music events at the distillery.

If you’re 21 or older, go and pick up some of there sauce.