So, you forgot Valentine’s Day… I thought this might happen. Fortunately for you, I asked sorority girls, models, singers, students and working women, a few NW divas, and the girl next door… If your man forgot Valentine’s Day, or maybe didn’t forget it entirely, but still let you down, what would it take to get out of the doghouse?

Here’s what they said, #weouthere for you, and I hope this helps!

1. Something that sparkles

“I am not too big on Valentine’s Day, I like my guy to treat me good everyday. But I usually tell him to take me to the shooting range for our date or something fun and ‘un-Valentine’s Day-ish’ like that. That being said, if he just did absolutely nothing it would take a whole lot of sparkly items to make it up to me.”  –@AnnieAngell

2. Lots of flowers and chocolate

“Valentine’s Day is hard to forget, if he managed that, he’d owe me lots of flowers and chocolate. I’m not talking about the normal dozen roses, I’m talking about three dozen roses. And not just chocolate, but my favorite truffles. Above and beyond, and then I’d forgive him.”  –@Brianne_L

3. Two Valentine’s Days instead of one

“In my opinion, Valentine’s Day isn’t about what your man can do for you, but a celebration of two people in love / like. If you’re not planning out Valentine’s Day with him, don’t expect things to happen the way you might’ve envisioned. But if my man messes up our plans together, I hope he is prepared on February 15th to share with me how he’s going to give me TWO more spectacular date nights. Or a new iPhone 4S.”  –@CCdoan

4. Public embarrassment

“Send gifts to my job for weeks to come so that everyone could see it. Clean my entire apartment and car. And write a poem or song, or sing a love song at a karaoke night and…completely embarrass himself.”  –@JenJAshley

5. A surprise

“Do something unexpected because we [women] kinda expect you to be predictable. So, if my man was in the doghouse, I would challenge him to throw me for a loop and surprise me. A woman knows that if a man can surprise her in a way she cannot even question, he must be a keeper. And don’t think it needs to be something elaborate – sometimes the sweetest thing can be something as simple as playing my favorite song.”  –@justlux

6. An act of kindness every day for the next week

“I think the best way for a guy to make up for forgetting Valentine’s Day is to do something special for me every day for the next week and make up some corny lie like ‘I don’t want to be like everyone else and use just one day to show you I care.’ And if he just did a shitty job [didn’t forget it entirely, but still let you down], I don’t know if I would care ‘cuz it’s the thought that matters.”  –@miss_oregon

7. Food

“One, take me to my favorite restaurant and order me a Shrimp Risotto. Or two, make me a damn good Shrimp Risotto at home along with a nice glass of red.”  –@MissRandaLeigh

8. Time and reassurance

“If my man forgot Valentine’s Day, it would take a few days of hardcore lecturing and I would probably hold a grudge for awhile. As much as he wants to apologize, I would want to hear that apology time and time again just for reassurance. Maybe a nice massage or dinner too, but the main thing would be time to get over it and for him to keep reassuring me how much I mean to him.”  –@RachellePauli

9. A heartfelt apology

“Men tend to just forget, so if it’s genuine it won’t take much. A simple ‘sorry babe, I’ll make it up to you,’ plus quality time, take out, and a movie will get you out of the doghouse.”  –@rebirthofslickk

10. And 1 out of 10 women will tell you…NOTHING!

“Steel magnolia, I’d be happy with the smallest of gestures. But missing Valentine’s Day completely? Is he dumber than a rock, cold as a rock, or living under a rock? I’d leave him, not because he forgot Valentine’s Day, but because I have higher standards than dating men that can be compared to rocks.”  –@SillyCristina