Cory Kendrix is returning to Oregon and will be performing in his hometown Salem for the first time. The now Austin resident released his mixtape Free Beer in May, and stays busy producing for emcees in Texas and Oregon.

You can see him live this Friday at Mt. Tabor Theater in Portland and August 4th in Salem at the Flipside.


How are you doing today Cory?

Higher than usual but not complaining, enjoying the rain In Austin.

Nice. Don’t bring it with you to Oregon. Do they have good weed in Austin?

The weed is actually not bad it’s the prices out here that suck really but it’s not too bad.

Word. For those of us that don’t smoke weed. Break the math down, comparing the price of Oregon’s weed to Austin’s.

Haha well first off out there you’re going to get some super smelly potent ass shit every time and it’ll be like 20-30 for the Ape. For better discounts you can look at online dispensary canada. You might find some super smelly potent shit every now and then, but they’re going to tax you 60 for the Ape. Lol, so it’s all sorts of fucked up.

Damn, they are making their margins out there.

Yea that’s why I buy in bulk, lol.

You excited to rock a few shows in Oregon?

And it’s going to be cool to rock with Ritz and the Austin homie LOEGz out in P-Town. I got to rock the Dead Prez show with them last year around the same time. It’s always nice to have people from Austin in Oregon so they can see the similarities the cities have.

Did they just happen to be on tour while you were in the area?

And yea this will be the second year in a row it we just happened to be in the same place at the same tim. S/o the LOEGz for always showing love and letting me rock with them while they are out there it’s always a dope show.

What are your expectations for the Salem show? Please be honest.

Honestly I’m hoping for the best, but prepared for whatever happens. I’m not in Salem any more so I don’t have the networking capabilities to push it like I do out here, so it’s not in my hands really. But I got mad love for all of my people in Salem, and I know they’re going to come through and make it a dope show. Looking forward to watching the homies out there rock the stage too. It’ll be my first time getting to check out their performances live. All in all I’m excited about it I think it’s gone be a good one.

Nice, I know Augie has been out here spreading the word. How did you end up linking up with him originally?

Augie P is a homie from high school. I actually lived in Salem for my sophomore/junior year. South Salem shit. Lol, smoking weed and getting fucked up. Just been cool ever since and stayed in touch over the years.

So you are saying you smoke a lot?

Lol yea pretty much.

Do you watch True Blood?

Lol, naw I haven’t actually check that out yet. I’ve heard good things though. I do watch Breaking Bad though. I missed the new episode last night to so Im going to download it for the plane ride out there.

Good call. I’m finishing up on Season 4 right now. What’s your drink of choice in the airport and on the plane?

At the airport I usually get that Firemans 4 on draft if they got it or a Blue Moon and on the plane Jack n Coke most def.

#OutHere. I have no idea how/why people fly sober. Have a safe trip man! We’ll be there Friday.

Most def homie see ya soon #OutHere #Lz