Juice Radio recently cast a vote on the Top 10 Freshest in the Northwest based on “sales, downloads, venue sales, both internet and street buzz.”

Here’s the final list…

#1 Macklemore… http://youtu.be/A9GVwWjEPJc
#2 J. Pinder… http://youtu.be/vI6XED9n0Zc
#3 Eighty4 Fly… http://youtu.be/_r_CHSXx9LU
#4 Nacho Picasso… http://youtu.be/iXVESjJEBF0
#5 Grynch… http://youtu.be/lUiC3RDBCEw
#6 Sol… http://youtu.be/S8eZtMpfFho
#7 Avatar Young Blaze… http://youtu.be/lasdlAPZg4U
#8 Brainstorm… http://youtu.be/NCdD-JX4b_M
#9 Q Dot… http://youtu.be/yN9-fhxyBDk
#10 Neema… http://youtu.be/q5rpKCHiLK4


I don’t think they did a horrible job, but they completely ignored anyone outside of Seattle (which is very Seattle of them to do).

(Also, leaving Sol out of the Top 5 after he had a sold out show seems pretty crazy. Did everyone sleep on Fatal’s album with Jake One?)

Overall, the list is a positive thing… It’s just too bad they didn’t get it right.

A few people left off the list…


1. Grieves

Are you fucking kidding me? Grieves and Macklemore have careers that are far superior to any of the other artists on the list.

The guy sells out venues all across the nation and is on a different continent every other week.

Plus he makes really good music, was on Warp Tour last year, and toured the world with Brother Ali. Why the fuck was he not on this list?

Should have been number two on the list.

Seriously discredits it a lot.


2. Sapient

One of my favorite hip hop artists, Sapient’s grind is savage (and tech).

The Do-It-Yourselfer produces, rhymes, mixes, does his own graphic design, and even edits his own videos.

The Sandpeople member has made a name (and living) for himself without any major co-sign.

Maybe the best rapper/producer combo in the Northwest?


3. Illmaculate

Illmaculate had a HUGE year in 2011, and has been rolling strong in 2012. It’s a shame he is still getting slept on.

He’s regained his title as one of the elitist battle rappers in the world and had an album titled “Best Album in Portland” with the Green Tape.

(He also went to the Red Bull battle event in Seattle and brought the title back to Portland.)


4. Marv Ellis

This guy may slip off a lot of hip hop heads’ radars because he has a lot of actual fans. Marv broke the single day sales record at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland a couple of years ago.

He has a new project on the way, and I’d recommend getting familiar.


Other names… Geo, Cassow, Fatal, Brothers from Another, Luck One, SpaceMan, V Dewayne, Load B, Jon Belz, Onry Ozzborn, JFK, THE KID ESPI!… #OutHere