I first heard Gifted Gab on Young Seattle with Sam Lachow, Kung Fu Grip, and BPA. As the only female artist on the track, she already stood out, but it was her flow that caught my attention. The metaphor of rappers “spitting” was made because of artists like Gab. She has the ability to spit lines over, under, in, out, around, through, every which way on a beat. She truly is one of the most talented rappers in the region, male or female, and she’s the reigning Queen of Moor Gang.

The 23 year old bright-eyed rapper just released Girl Rap and is prepping for Black Weirdo: The Party later today in Oakland, CA. With all the attention focused on her and her fellow Moors, I decided to hit her up and chat it up a bit. She’s been featured in many publications in the Seattle area, but I thought we needed to share some information about “Queen La’Chiefa” with our readers all over the Northwest. Now sit down and get ready for a little girl talk.

Sharde Marie: I know it’s cliche`, but I have to ask. How did you get started with rap?

Gifted Gab: I’ve been musically inclined all my life. My first memories of rapping were around elementary/middle school.

Do you remember your first rap?

Actually I do. My Sis and I made it when we were like 12. lol “Lotion, it’s the magic potion, you put it on in a circular motion..” And I forgot the rest. Haha, something along those lines. [Editor’s Note: #BOARS!]

How did you get involved with Moor Gang?

We’re all family. Each one of us is connected in some way, whether it’s blood related, family friends, etc. It was meant to happen, pretty much.

Where do you feel you stand – lyrically – in Moor Gang?

I think I hold it down. lol

Back in December, XXL mentioned you as one of 15 Female Rappers You Should Know, how did you feel about that?

I woke up one morning, got on Twitter, and people were congratulating me. I’m like “what the hell did  I do?” lol  I was shocked! I think it’s pretty cool.

You just dropped Girl Rap (which I LOVE). What were you trying to get across to your listeners with the project? Do you think they received the message?

Well, I came up with the name Girl Rap because I always find it amusing when guys, even females hit me with the “Damn, you’re good… for a girl.” That’s like saying “This food is good as shit, but…. ” BUT WHAT?! Ya know?  Anyway, I felt like if I’m “good for a girl,” then maybe n*ggas should start rapping like a girl, so I’ma call my shit Girl Rap and show these girls and girly boys how to microphone check.

I think the message got across real smooth like. haha

How do you feel about the recent Seattle Weekly write-up by Gwendolyn Elliott calling you “misogynistic”?

I think she meant well, but failed terribly and ended up looking like a complete idiot.

[Writer’s Sidenote: If you don’t know about rap, you have no business extending your finger to even write about it. Gwendolyn obviously has never heard the likes of Eve, Lil Kim and Shawnna, so its best if she leave the hip-hop reviews to us and stop embarrassing herself and the publication she writes for.]

Do you feel pressure to be a female emcee more than to simply be an emcee who happens to be a woman?

Eh, yes and no. I grew up with all boys. I did or tried to do almost everything my brothers and his friends did. These n*ggas don’t intimidate me at all. If anything, I make them feel a certain way because I am a girl and I can hang. People think too much of it or they want me to care, for some reason. Like they think I have all this pressure because of my gender but I don’t think about it at all. I just rap, man.

What local collaborations would you like to be a part of? Aside from Moor Gang, of course.

There’s definitely a few. I don’t wanna give specifics because when I leave out n*ggas names, they tend to get into their feelings. haha But yeah, I got some shit cookin’…

Any upcoming projects or shows you can tell us about?

I’m always working on something! But as far as shows, I have a show later today in Oakland. Then there’s the Sasquatch festival in May. No telling what else may come in between, so keep watching…  ;-)