In response to the upswing in hate crimes and incidents of violence towards marginalized communities in Portland, and Oregon at large, Don’t Shoot Portland will be hosting a series of workshops and training designed to develop a community safety network. People may attend to learn strategies and tools for responding to hate crimes and protecting their communities.

Volunteers may also sign up to become a part of our new community safety response network, which sends trained volunteers to accompany people feeling unsafe or unsecure while traveling alone in the city.

The first of these meetings will be held at 6 PM on December 11th, 2016 at 1515 SW Morrison St. This training takes place one week after the trial begins for the murder of Larnell Bruce Jr., and will partially focus on strategies and methods for supporting and standing in solidarity with those directly impacted by hate-based violence.

Members of Larnell’s family will be present at the training, and any and all support for them in this challenging time is welcome. Now is a moment for us to come together and show our strength in the face of violence and bigotry.

A recent study by the Southern Poverty Law Center revealed both a massive uptick in hate incidents in the United States since the election of Donald Trump, and that Oregon has had the most of those incidents per capita of any state in the Union.

In light of this alarming trend, and the all too real experiences of countless families like that of Larnell Bruce, Don’t Shoot Portland will continue to advocate for a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to hate speech and bigotry in our public institutions. On Friday, we protested at the Oregon Department of Education for a zero tolerance hate ban and an immediate policy to assist families in filing for and following through with investigations into incidents of hate speech and violence directed at students. The state’s current policy of “courageous conversations” only goes so far, and when the direct physical and emotional well-being of students is at risk, further steps must be taken by state and school officials to ensure that ALL Oregon students can safely receive an education, without threat of violence or fear of retribution when they bring incidents to light. We will protest any policy or incidents that fail to meet this standard, and demand our elected officials do the same.

In silence, we are made weak. In solidarity, we are made unstoppable. Don’t Shoot Portland will continue to be a voice for the voiceless, and to advocate for equality and justice for all members of our community. Please join us, and lend your voice to the betterment of our collective liberty.

For questions please contact:

Nate Cohen
Don’t Shoot Portland

More details available on our Facebook event page.