After two and a half years, TheTHESIS is still going strong. In fact, we’re still growing. 

Our last show started off with a bang as surprise guest Young Onassis from LA took the stage, immediately drawing the crowd in. Raquel Divar and Cory Oh brought the bass, debuting their new video, Vandals, and performed a few favorites as well. Mighty – fitted in Black Mannequin gear – came big with the banner and forced the crowd to listen with next-level lyricism. Finally, 21 year old Danielseventwo took the stage with Keijian and delivered an energetically based performance to close out the night. Of course, Verbz held the stage down between and during sets, controlling the flow of the night.

As always, the crowd is as important as the performers at TheTHESIS. This is really more than a rap show, it’s a tradition, a networking event, and a way to support the local scene. As Mic Capes puts it in this video recap (courtesy of Lord Burgundy), “I came out to support those that support me, man. I support TheTHESIS.” And that’s the gist of this whole thing, right there. 

Shout out to Kelly’s Olympian, all of our amazing guests, and our wonderful press sponsors. Whether you’re checking it out or re-living the night, check out Lord Burgundy’s first video foray into the TheTHESIS. Enjoy.