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Young Shirt Mayne and Mat Randol perform live with Manny Monday at Kelly’s Olympian on July 1st, 2020 (Photo by Mac Smiff)

When it comes to creating intelligent content for Black folks in the Portland Metro Area, Bruce Poinsette, is that guy. His YouTube page, anchored by his video series The Blacktastic Adventure!, is chock full of perspective and nuanced conversations with folks in the Black community.

With The Thesis making a run at its 3rd live show of the summer, Bruce called on co-founders Mac Smiff and Verbz to discuss the upcoming show – which features Veana Baby, Mal, C3 The Guru and Ms. Elle – as well as who they think fans should be watching out for… a subject Bruce playfully labels “controversy”.

A 20-minute must watch for folks trying to get an inside view of the Portland hip-hop scene.