We’re really happy to be working with Cool Nutz and RapHater.com to bring you this CD Sampler featuring some of Portland’s most impressive talent. Enjoy this FREE showcase of what Portland’s hip hop community is capable of.

Click the album cover below to download and check out The Greatest Rap Show Ever at Ash Street on December 9th.

(We’re expecting explosions)


1. Cool Nutz-Tax Brackets
2. Serge Severe-Here Comes The Man
3. Mikey Vegaz-Glory
4. Vursatyl-Mr. Gusto
5. TxE-Get It Back
6. Cool Nutz-Gas Team feat. Bosko and Pricy
7. Illmaculate-Ladder Climb feat. DJ Fatboy
8. Mikey Vegaz-DOA feat. Kenny Mack, Dubble OO, and Cool Nutz
9. Triple SB-Pardon My Jetlag
10. Cool Nutz-Ain’t A Game feat Maniac Lok and DJ Fatboy

Click the link to purchase tickets