Cover photo by Mohammedx.

Mic Capes recently paid homage to his late father, Johnny Caples Sr., in recently released visual, “W.W.J.D.”

The song is track 8 on Capes’ latest project, In Spite Of…, released in July of last year. The album, packed with self reflection and motivation, serves as inspiration to us all. Mic Capes is not only known for how his music sounds, but also what he is actually saying in his songs. He creatively crafts his verses, delivering lyrical lessons like a tenured teacher… And I sure hope y’all are taking notes.

The North Portland native spoke on the album soon after its release, explaining that though it was a reminder to himself to keep going, it was for anyone who could relate as well, and we felt that. One of the standout tracks on In Spite Of… is W.W.J.D., short for “What Would Johnny Do?”

Over laid back production provided by Northwest producer FLVMINGO, Mic reminisces on his humble beginnings and reflects on his current mindset. The visual, shot by J. Brown Visuals, shows Capes visiting some of the same places he spent his formative years.

In the opening scene, we’re shown a photo of a young Capes sitting on his dad’s back and leaning towards the camera, a look of slight amusement on his face. A voicemail from his father leads us into the track as the camera pans out to reveal Mic Capes holding the framed photo.

Aerial views of Portland landmarks set the scene, taking us back to an earlier time, while the lyrics keep us present, invoking compelling thoughts of how far we’ve come.

“I just stay humble and hustle, stay humble and hustle.”

The resounding hook and lyrics remain imprinted our heads for days after listening to “W.W.J.D.” It nearly serves as a mantra, a lesson passed down from Johnny Caples Sr., to his son, who we know as Mic Capes. Mic Capes generously passes it on to us in “W.W.J.D”, and we thoroughly receive and appreciate it.

Mic Capes is performing at The Moda Center tomorrow, opening for Amine’s homecoming tour. And though I’m not sure what Johnny would do, I’m pretty sure he would be proud.

Press play to check out the visual for “W.W.J.D.” below, and don’t only watch.
Make sure you listen too. Maybe even take some notes.

– Akunna