In the first week of July, Mat Randol headlined The Thesis with Young Shirt Mayne as they promoted their joint album, Why Are You Like This?, and at one point he announced that he had a solo album coming up and performed an unreleased song, Say About Me, with his longtime buddy, Brill.

In the first week of August, Randol made good on his promise, releasing What Are You Afraid Of?, an 11-track journey through the ever-evolving mind of St. John’s most introspective rapper. A highly palatable album, WAYAO builds on Mat’s vulnerable lyrical style with strong acoustic support and excellent production.

After debuting the album at an invite-only release party at the Flight Lounge Cafe, Mat Randol is coming back to Kelly’s Olympian this Saturday for a special show, and of course he’s bringing a few friends along.

The Dutchess, Brill, Nia Joe and Verbz plan to join in on the fun, and you should too. But first, check out WAYAO on your favorite streaming service and learn the words.