Portland legend Trox, long known for placing beats with industry standouts such as 50 Cent and Snoop, is back in town for his birthday, taking a break from his current digs in San Antonio just in time for Portland Hip Hop Week.

Fresh off the May drop of his Tweedheads beat tape, Trox added to his impressive list of placements on Monday with Dreamville artist Lute’s Myself (ft. DEVN), an anti-social anthem for urban creatives.

I’m not an introvert, I really just don’t fuck with niggas…


Over Trox’s aggressive drum pattern and an eerily smooth wailing synth, Lute shares some meditations and explains why he’d rather not be around people while DEVN nails the sleepy hook.

Lay my head down and I pray to the Lord, wanna be by myself. Leave me… I’ll be good all alone, all good by myself.


With nearly 80,000 plays this week, Myself looks to be a success, and word has it the track may make Lute’s album. But Trox is never one to rest on his heels, already looking forward to future projects… like his upcoming work with… well, that’s an article for another day.