It’s feeling like spring in the NW; and right on time, the first day of the season was Saturday. WOHM Official Ratcheteer, Shardé Marie, gave y’all [yes, I picked up the term y’all while in Austin, Texas at South by Southwest…full post to come] a few ideas on what to do, and I’m here to advise you on what to—and what NOT to—wear.

If you have any specific spring gear questions, hit us up on Instagram: @weoutherenet.


1. Wear flip flops and loafers

It’s an ongoing debate… Can men wear flip flops? I say yes—don’t be 70-years-old and wear them with socks, don’t be sloppy and wear them everyday, and don’t be a pussy and call them “thongs,” but—yes. Another shoe you should be wearing this spring is the loafer. Again, don’t wear them with socks, but otherwise wear ‘em like you would your favorite sneakers. Dress ‘em up, dress ‘em down, own them. Literally. Do not wear any other spring sandals, otherwise known as mandals.


2. Wear shorts

It’s not the 90s. Needless to say, it’s not the 80s either. Do not DIY cut your winter pants in order to make spring shorts, that trend has come and gone. It’s ok to wear shorts that you buy…as shorts. When you’re short shopping avoid “short shorts” and “jorts.” Otherwise, put ‘em on (with your loafers) and you’re good to go.


3. Wear jewelry

There’s a fine line between sexy and gay when men wear jewelry. Neither is wrong, just something to be aware of, you sexy, fabulous, man…you. Assuming you’re going for the first, look for natural and manly materials. Try pairing a couple of beaded bracelets with wooden ones and head to Sticks & Stones for rings and necklaces. #supportland


4. Wear wayfarer-shaped sunglasses

Wayfarer-shaped sunglasses (e.g.: the traditional Ray-Ban) are still  all the rage. You can get cheap ones for $10 at ARCO, or custom ones at Schwood for the same price as (except with way  more swag than) Ray-Bans. What ever you do, don’t wear white sunglasses. #supportland


5. Wear jean jackets

Do you remember jean jackets? From around 5th grade? They’re back.


6. Wear D-ring belts

Do you remember D-ring belts? From around 6th grade? They’re back too.


7. Thrift shop

Do you know the best place to find D-ring belts and jean jackets? Thrift shops. If you buy a D-ring belt brand new it’s going to cost ya at least $30; and if you buy a jean jacket brand new, it’s going to cost you at least $100. Let’s do some simple addition.  If you buy both at a thrift shop, you can cop them (and then some!) for less than the price of one new D-ring.


8. Wear baseball bomber jackets

While you’re thrift shopping, cop a baseball bomber jacket. Like Numbers 5 and 6, this is a trendy item, so you won’t want to drop gwop on it. Drop some though—baseball bomber jackets are the perfect lightweight piece for spring in the NW.


9. Wear lighter colors

Spring is all about pastels [DEFINITION: adj. of a soft and delicate shade or color]. If you can’t pull this off with confidence, don’t do it. If you have the cajones, do. Try wearing watermelon pink or mint green. Instead of black, go with grey. And if you can’t rock pastels, go with brights like orange and red, which will be big this spring. I’d personally love to see Bullè Classic come out with a pastel line… #supportland


10. Wear WOHM and NW Legends gear

We love you. Do you love us? The NW loves you. Do you love it back? PROVE IT. #supportland


And the moral of the story is… #supportland