Before Luck One dropped True Theory, he announced that it was the greatest rap album to ever come from Portland and proclaimed himself King of the Northwest during a live interview with Cool Nutz on the NW Breakout Show. A few releases later I’m not sure if he still feels that way, but it’s nothing new for the Portland-bred rapper to say exactly how he feels about whatever he wants.

In an interview today with WWeek’s Matt Singer, Luck – who recently relocated to NYC – pops a few #namelessbullets, telling PDX rappers to “Stop biting my style” while stating the Portland scene is “just a big circle jerk of local rappers competing to see who can smash the same chicks and open up for every lame rapper that comes to the Roseland Theater the most.”

Luck also took careful aim and fired shots at the establishment with the following deluge of quotables in response to Portland’s Hip Hop scene:

– “I personally am not interested in trying to make any more of a name in a city so racist the police are sent out to every rap show to terrorize concertgoers in an attempt to re-create the city in the image of a cable TV satire.”

– “I’m from the Northeast, and they don’t want any of us sticking around, anyway—ask Kendra James.”

– “I love Portland and that’s always going to be home but the repression against black culture is really disgusting at this point.”

Always outspoken, always provocative. Ladies and gentlemen, Luck One. #APM

Luck2All photos courtesy of Adrian Adel