The looks on folks’ faces when last year’s #4 popped up at #9 were classic. Between his #WeeklyWonders series on 2DopeBoyz, the February drop of Curse of the Pharaoh II, a few WOHM exclusives, an appearance on GQ’s IG feed, countless features and some major pub in NW rags following the Blue Monk incident, it’s arguably been Luck’s best year to date. Nonetheless, it was discussed that his December relocation to Harlem may have cost him some points in the regional vote, not unlike the fall that J. Pinder took between the 2012 and 2013’s lists when he skipped town for LA.

Still, Horizon threw his hat off and argued that Luck is the “best lyricist”, and Darryl proclaimed that Luck is “a man”. Luvva J explained the rapper’s political impact in the region, and Q Dot warned that “the top 5 better be bananas!” I offered up that through the #WeeklyWonders joints, Luck is also putting a lot of NW artists (such as The Good Sin, Caitlin Cardier and Dizz) on a national stage.

But then D-Money asked if we should vote on moving Leezy Soprano up the list. Watch the video to see what happens. Lots of people talking over each other in this one, so listen close… #OutHere