Whether through clothing, accessories, or musical projects, ROBO founder and operator Jayyo keeps pushing his vision. Today, We Out Here Magazine is proud to premiere the first installment of a ROBO video series, The Sames, shot by V1Creative.

The Portland tastemaker refuses to let ROBO get put in a box, but I had a chance to chop it up with him and talk about what ROBO is. Enjoy! #ItsEverywhere

Mac: What does ROBO represent to you?
Jayyo: ROBO, to me, means we are hindered from being great so many times that we have to hide our talents like superpowers. Because being too good at something… people begin to keep you out of things. But being true to yourself and your gifts, accepting that you are great in your own right is what ROBO is to me… Never letting the world tell you that you can’t be great.

How does this video series further your vision?
The vision series gives extra feeling behind the idea. Relating things through visuals gives people a better understanding of ROBO art through many avenues , this is just a way of putting it all together…

ROBO makes a random assortment of items: hats, tanks, socks. Anything new on the horizon?
*laughs* MORE colorways EVERYWHERE.