In light of Mr. West’s 38th Birthday today, Soar Loser’s crew member and standout Stewart Villain decided to remix the Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney hit FourFiveSeconds. Speaking with him over the last couple of weeks, we decided to do a short interview to correspond with the remix. Hit play below and then read the interview. Shouts to Stew and the whole Soar Loser’s crew. Let’s go.

Matty: Let’s start with the obvious: Why this song and why now?

Stew: Besides “All day” this is the newest joint he had that’s still fresh in people’s minds. Plus I’ve found when I tie a release in with a current event people are more likely to grasp the idea more than just a random drop. I also felt like I could add a cool ass flair to it because of the way I’ve been sampling things as of late. Nobody really has done what I did on this one haha. At least that I know. Feel free to correct me if need be lol

Matty: How much of an influence is Kanye to your music?

Stew: Man. Even though you can’t really tell in my style he’s been an inspiration/ the reason I started making beats in the first place. I remember when “Late Registration” dropped. I was around 15/16 still living with my Dad . The day it came out my friend Elton called the house phone and He was like “broooooo. You gotta hear this new Kanye. He has this joint called ‘gone’ with Camron. I was staying waaaaay deep in the numbers and rode the bus/ max alllllll the way to his house just to listen to that one song he was raving about. I remember we were buggin out how he was flipping all those old soul joints and I was hooked since.
Stew1Matty: As an avid Kanye fan myself, I’m always interested to know what songs/beats inspired you? Wanna name your Top 4 Ye Songs/beats?
Stew: That’s a tough one. These aren’t in any perticular order but Id prolly say:

– His verses on that “Go Hard” joint with t-pain and Khaled are fuckin nuts. “Imma tell you like George bush told me. Fuck yall n***as I’m outta hereeeee”

– I’d prolly say “We Major“. Love brass Instruments. That shit is a classic

–  “Coldest Winter“, “Don’t say you will” and “Bad News” are a close tie. 808s and heartbreaks was so ahead of its time. Didnt really like it until I got older. Kinda like when your try beer as a Child lol.

– It’s also tied up with “Slow Jams” and “Through the Wire“. Those were the first two songs I ever heard from Kanye.

Matty: Other than this, what else do you have in the works and where can people check you out?

Stew: At the moment I’ve been working with Tre Redeau on a VERY closely. He’s getting ready to release his “Kool Aid stand” project. So it’s time to work on his next one. We have a sub group in soar losers called “acquired taste” which is Me, Tre, and another producer named Justin kramerer”
Tre is keeping it in house and having justin and myself produce the whole thing. The 3 of us are currently on a U.S. tour with King Chip (FKA Chip The Ripper)
Also working with Clemm Rishad,Dave B, Donte Thomas, Manny Monday and Tope on a consistent basis as well.
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