Santi White a.k.a. Santogold a.k.a. Santigold has embarked on her North American tour following the long awaited release of her third album 99₵. It is impossible to place her in any one genre, evidenced by the impressive range of people that she’s worked with (Karen O, A$AP Rocky, Diplo, and Kanye West just to name a few). Is she hip-hop? Is she pop? Is she electronica? Is she alternative? The only answer is yes.

After a small stint as the frontman in Philadelphian punk band Stiffed, White produced her debut album Santogold (as Santogold) in 2008, making Best Of lists from the likes of Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and the New York Times. Four years later, she came out with Master of My Make Believe, raking the same amount of praise. It’s only natural that after another four years she produced 99₵, but not without creating a post-apocalyptic makeup line with Smashbox or appearing on TV shows like the Office and Adult Swim’s NTSF:SD:SUV::.

Check out her interactive single where you can play into your narcissistic side and plaster your own face on some billboards or peep her video with ILOVEMAKONNEN in “Who Be Lovin’ Me” that features amazing cameos by the likes of Earl G.O.A.T. Sweatshirt, Cam’ron on a phone case, Justine Skye, Meek Mill (R.I.P.), Big Sean, and more below.

If you haven’t bought your tickets to her  show at the Crystal Ballroom yet, too bad because the show is sold out and there is a long list of Portlanders begging on the Facebook event page to get a glimpse of the blue eyeshadow-ed, bamboo earring clad rebel.