Seattle rap queen Gifted Gab talks big on her new album Gab The Most High, giving her fans what they’ve long been waiting for. With 3 projects under her belt – Queen La’Chiefah, Girl Rap and G-Shit – Gab put out her most ambitious album to date, with 14 tracks and a variety of styles to boot.

Always clever and fun, Gab delivers track after track, rapping and singing her way into your homes, headphones and car speakers. Production is mostly handled by Antwon Vinson, with Sk8, Syko, DJ Vega, and a few others helping out. Features from Mic Capes, Mario Sweet, Vitamin D and fellow Moor Gang boss Jarv Dee make for great times, but this album is mostly about Gab and her pimpin’ ways.

Whether the girl power thing is your cup of tea or not, Gab impresses lyrically, and the variety of flows and melodies make this album as hard to pin down as it is to ignore. You’ll definitely want to give this one a spin if you haven’t already. Long live the Queen.