Let me just start out by acknowledging how smart this release was. Pokémon Go is literally taking the technology world by storm right now. Lang, Duece and Drae Slapz capitalized on this trend by putting out a wavy single titled “Moltres,” inspired by the ‘most flame’ Pokémon in the game. The crew puts a twist on a childhood favorite by applying “Moltres” to everything young adults find appealing. We are all striving to have our “bank account on Moltres” and lately, people are really trying to “flex with their Pokédex”!

On a serious note, this song is addicting whether you like Pokémon or not. I don’t even use the new smartphone app and I played this single three times in a row. The beat begins with a rare vibe, reminding you that it belongs to Drae Slapz. The repetitive Lang hook plays throughout, and allows you to bang your head as much as you please.

Duece interjects with some stern lyrics that set the tone for the rest of the single, giving the assist to the Rare Vibe crew. Lang steps in with the second verse and knocks it out of the Pokéstop with an arsenal of metaphors; it’s obvious that the trio on this song is part of Team Valor. Shortly after the single dropped on Youtube, the Portland music scene started taking sides. It looks like rappers and producers alike are creating a modern day Sharks vs. Jets moment between Team Valor and Team Mystic.

I don’t even follow Pokémon religiously, but it looks like this is getting a little serious. I’ve even heard that Portland’s heavy hitting producer TROX might team up with the St. John’s Scholar Vinnie Dewayne to make a Team Mystic rebuttal. I want to hear more about this Pokémon feud. In the mean time, listen to this and help me figure out who this Flame Emoji guy is.