Underground Seattle producer Tieren Simon shot over his 3-track EP and it’s amazing, if not totally hip-hop. I pressed play during a work break, fully expecting to have to turn it off after 30-60 seconds, and instead found myself doubly confirming that I was listening to an unsigned artist. Seasons is a masterfully produced project that utilizes an array of featured vocals to create a hypnotizing and ambient musical experience that will push your ears, fusing expert instrumentation with hip-hop rhythms for an extremely pleasing result.

The well-thought intro and outro tracks are primarily enjoyable displays of expert production, featuring Saint Claire and WOHM fave Warm Gun, respectively. It was the middle track though, Miles Away, that brought on the goose bumps. I fell in love with the song when featured songstress Moia Bri’s chilling vocals faded in the second verse and I noticed the 808’s subtly pounding away against the curiously warped ambiance and engaging guitar riff. Reminded me of the feeling I got when I first heard Wolves.

A must listen for music fans. Enjoy.