I first met Dior Worthy after I opened for Tory Lanez at the Hawthorne Theater a while back. As I walked off stage for a quick smoke break he dapped me up, congratulated me and asked me to stick around for his set. When I came back to the stage area he had half of a nearly sold out crowd jumping and chanting his lyrics.

A year or so passed before we interacted again at The Thesis: 2 Year Anniversary, but I had an ear out for him. You can say what you want about him or the music that he makes; but you cannot deny his work or how many moves he makes. He recently returned from Paris after creating a project, performing abroad and participating in fashion week. His return from Paris brought us a visual called Paycheck, which became a personal favorite of mine.

The Vancouver native has a sound that can remind me of Kanye in bits and pieces. His all seeing eye on societal imbalances can draw skepticism, but if you agree with what he’s saying you will be bobbing your head with it. All opinions create critics, but Dior is a reminder that wolves don’t consider the opinions of sheep. He released another single a couple weeks back, and the vibe made me feel like I was listening to Tory Lanez. I guess it goes to show that Dior packs a versatile punch.

Recently Dior has been making appearances at Portland’s biggest rap shows. He has opened for the likes of Post Malone, Ty Dolla $ign, Nipsey Hussle and Young Thug last week. He is even opening for Rob $tone tonight at the Hawthorne Theatre.

Dior has a nice following behind him, but I’m a bit surprised that some of my most notable peers in Portland don’t mention or work with him. He has a cool image, his music is versatile and his stage presence is full of energy. He’s taking his work worldwide so it’s it’s time that the town starts to back him as well.

You can follow Dior’s moves by searching ‘Dior Worthy’ on any popular social media outlet. Stop sleepin’.