The Webster definition of libero is “the rearmost, most defensive player in a volleyball match or soccer game”. The title name of this six track EP still intrigues me. But after a quick Twitter check by Snugsworth, I have been informed that the EP is based around the Italian word meaning “free”.

My WOHM colleague Max McHugh put me on this EP and I was thoroughly impressed, but I needed to listen again to grasp the theme. I had heard of Mat Randol before, but never really got the chance to get updated on his music. His flow and song structure gives me a faint reminder of Ab-Soul with a slower tempo. Rumor has it that Snugsworth is the creator behind “Shabba” by world renowned A$AP Ferg. It only goes to show that this collaboration is a tasteful mix of similar music styles.

The smooth transitions between songs, the simplicity of the beats being used. This EP is easily something I could play front to back after a long day of work while I light up a joint. My personal favorite is Peace of Mind. Maybe it’s because it personally relates, or maybe because it’s so relatable to human beings. “Building up from the bottom, where I go I don’t know. All I know is, peace of mind is the goal”.

Stream Libero below. You can also find the EP available for purchase on Apple Music.
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