This Thursday marks the third anniversary of TheTHESIS – Portland’s premiere hip-hop showcase – and we are coming to shut it down. 

Detroit’s Ty Farris, an exemplary emcee and frequent collaborator with burgeoning Portland super-producer Trox, made the flight West to headline the highly anticipated event with a rare performance alongside his DJ. The duo teamed up last year with Room 39, and just recently dropped a previously unreleased gem, Real Sh*t, which really showcases the pair’s aesthetic. But wait… That’s not it…

Cool Nutz brought POH-Hop back this week, but that’s not going to stop him from getting in on the action. The super vet is as productive as ever right now with the release of his self-titled Terrance, and we worked it out to pull the Town legend from his legendary event for a bit to show the youngins how it’s done! With the world-renowned DJ Fatboy behind him on the boards, this is sure to be a set for the ages.

Kung Foo Grip came down in October and SMASHED the set, so we had to have them back. It really wasn’t an option. And we had to feed them to our biggest crowd, so let’s make sure that happens! The Seattle-based duo brings energy like none other, and after the long car ride, I’m sure they’ll be ready to stretch their legs. They’ve also got a new video out for their raucous anthem, Mic Check. Learn the hook and sing along Thursday!

SQVTCH demolished guest sets earlier in the year alongside our favorite set-crasher, Epp, and it was only right we bring the explosive performer in for the big show. There are few rappers more intense than SQVTCH, and I for one can’t wait for him to have his moment.

And that’s still not all! Sxlxmxn (the artist formerly-and-still known as Stewart Villain) will join our resident deejay Verbz on the decks, keeping the dance floor lit and clowning around. Don’t rule out a surprise set; I sure haven’t.

Getting to this 3rd anniversary with this concert series means a lot to me. With everything going on in the world, this has been our place for peace of mind and honest art. When we’re at TheTHESIS, we’re about friends. Friends, and a ton of great music.

Big ups to Kelly’s Olympian, XRAY.FM, Vortex Magazine, Portland Mercury, and Bacardi for helping us keep this thing going. Shout out to Ms. Lopez Media, Casso Dinero, Verbz, Blake, Max, Lord Burgundy, and all of the others who’ve sacrificed and worked to keep this thing real ad relevant.

So tell a friend, in fact… BRING a friend. We will see you at the door!