Ahead of their forthcoming album, ​R4PC4MP, (Blake Ambrose + Lucas Dix + @KurntCobain) has added a visual to their arsenal of pre-release presents.

(And you’re going to see it here first.)

The album, ​TR4PC4MP, features production from Ohio based crew, I Like Animals, and will release this Friday, May 29th.

We’ve already received two singles- the poetic and eclectic “Black Walder,” and the quirky and statement-sending “Deep Stay Gent.” Today, they’ve released their video for the latter, and what a treat it is.

“Deep Stay Gent” is described as an “​Anthem of dystopian aggression [that] spills equal parts anger, dark humor and despair into its code,” and though the overall sound is not one I would usually gravitate towards, I appreciated the complete message provided through the visual and the creative use of art to express.

Taking the artistic route, ​R4PC4MP joined forces with Michael Baughman, who helped create unique artwork for each song on the album. Wisconsin based agency Tundra Wolf Media took care of the video animation.

It’s catchy, it makes a statement, and the animated elements are fun and bright. Not to mention, I found myself muttering “One last meme to break the government,” the next day. Ha.

Press play below to see R4PC4MP’s latest, and make sure you check out their album, TR4PC4MP, coming to your favorite streaming platform this Friday!