Image of King Thayo by Tim Tidball

I was goofing around on IG last night and came across a clip of a very catchy song on the big homie Tony Ozier’s feed called Light My Fire, which features King Thayo, a Trini-born reggae singer who I’ve been keeping an eye on for a few months since he started popping up in Portland.

The song meshes Tony’s smooth, funky production with Thayo’s raspy crooning, resulting in a relaxing reggae chune that’s perfect for these sunny Spring days.

But there’s more! Turns out Tony O has been releasing a song every Tuesday for the last 13 weeks, and has 7 more to go before he completes his goal of 20 singles in 20 weeks. Asked why he decided to take on this challenge, Tony had a story to tell:

“The young homie Wavy Josef hit me up out the blue one day and told me I should drop a single a week for a year. I thought he was crazy but he said, ‘Tone, you’re the only person I know right now who could pull it off.’ I thought he was crazy but when we got off the phone, my mind was racing. How do I do it? Talked with my wife, and now you have Tone Tuesdays!”

The tracks the King of Dookie has dropped so far are funky and heartfelt yet eclectic, with appearances so far from KhalilKhalil, Jae Lava, Square Bizzy, Michaelangela, Sulpacio Jones, Neco Redd and Daru Jones. I highly recommend checking them out, as they are available on all major streaming platforms.