After spending years in the same hip-hop orbit without really getting to know each other, well-known local DJ Ronin Roc and I became friends over this last summer between dodging gunshots, eating bear mace, and dragging each other away from police lines.

A real multimedia wiz, Ronin started the Summer of George, a campaign focused on amplifying Black voices and ensuring that the deaths of George Floyd and others were not in vain.

One late night in late summer, as the violence toward protesters was peaking and we weren’t sure that we were going to survive the year, Ronin and I swung by his studio and started recording my thoughts on civil rights activism. With today being Martin Luther King Day, Ronin decided to drop the video above, an attempt to explain why the fight for civil rights continues. I hope this might serve as a primer, explaining the very basis of Black civil rights activism.

Shout out to Swiggle Mandela for the tee.