Packaging of Blueberry Biscuits, Biscuits & Gravy, and Pink packages from Trap Kitchen Reserve

When it comes to production and output, the big homie Cool Nutz is elite. Fresh off the New Year’s Day release of Failure Is The Feeling (which features the Dear Portland Police Remix) and his expansion into the cannabis industry via the Trap Private Reserve brand, Nutz won’t be found resting on his laurels. But you might find him this Saturday celebrating the opening of an iconic new dispensary in East Portland.

This Saturday, April the 3rd, from 9am to 10pm, Nutz celebrates the grand opening of Cookies Portland on NE 162nd and Halsey, a new branch of the massively popular Cookies brand, founded by the engineers of the GSC strain. Word has it YG and A Boogie will be in the building (like, no big deal), as well as the world-renowned DJ Fatboy.

Following that, Cool Nutz plans to double right back on 4/20 and drop the Trap Private Reserve “Terps & Cakes” in collaboration with the new dispensary. Trap Private Reserve is a collaboration that started in 2020 between Cool Nutz, Moe and the founders of the famed Trap Kitchen, Mikey Vegas and Spank.

What’s a million dollar dead nigga? Got these dreams to keep my family fed, nigga!

Cool Nutz

While expanding his business, Cool Nutz also put heart and soul into his latest project, really putting on for his city with features from a wide range of excellent local artists such as Mic Crenshaw, Bosko, Illmac, Mic Capes, Swiggle Mandela, April Carson and others, as well as production by J.Hixson and Cee Goods, amongst others. With Nutz at the helm, to me, the album really took on a crew feel while remaining focused on a particular message.

Well executed plans lead to strong results. Big ups to Cool Nutz for bringing the Cookies and the cuts.