As I get back into music writing, there are a few projects that I want to cover; none, more than the electric Luke EP from Portland hitmaker YoungShirtMayne.

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The young lite-brite with a knack for losing his shirts delivered straight vibes on my birthday, adding a gruffer-than-normal approach to his notoriously irreverent style over an eclectic beat selection that tests the artist’s flexibility without meandering into awkward territory.

Absolutely electric verses from Bocha, Milc, KayelaJ, T $poon turn the heat up on the project, and on Summer Love (which has one of my favorite hooks) Scooty almost makes it seem like Shirty can sing. But Shirty doesn’t depend on others for energy, delivering provoking verses with aggressive lyricism and a relentless approach, especially on the epic Sxlxmxn-produced Mando’s World, the only solo track on the album.

Niggas was slow to get it
I felt the fire like Ben-Gay
Snap my fingers
Kill half of ya crew like it’s End Game
I ain’t in the gauntlet, nigga
You shop at Hot Topic, nigga
Matter fact, fuck the snap
I’ll grab a strap and body niggas

YoungShirtMayne, Mando’s World

With a 20-minute runtime, Luke provides a energy boost and goes great with a short commute, a morning run, or that 15-minute work break you’re always coming back late from anyway. Highly recommended.