by Morgan and Alli

The video music awards are notoriously known for surprising the viewers with moments such as the Britney and Madonna kiss, the Taylor Swift and Kanye West drama and some of Michael Jackson’s wildest performances. Each year the guest list grows and the performances get more creative. The action doesn’t wait for the show to start; it starts on the red carpet. This year on the carpet Beyonce shocked the world with her big announcement. Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting their first baby. (follow it @BeyonceJayFetus) Justin Bieber arm candy not only included Selena Gomez on one arm but also a snake on the other, who does that? The night continued to get even weirder when Nicki Minaj showed up in this odd contraption …

Lady Gaga started the show out with a bang by acting as alter ego Jo Calderone. While pretending to be Gaga’s boyfriend she lit up a cig and strolled around the audience. As weird as it is to see her as a dude, she stunned everyone once again with her mature voice and stage presence. The MTV video music awards also showcased Kanye West and Jay Z, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, Pitbull and Ne-Yo, and new comers Young the Giant. In our opinion none of these held a candle to Adele. With just a piano, spotlight, and her sultry voice she showed that you don’t need flashing lights and choreography to be a showstopper. Something Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin would be proud of.

If Jessie J’s broken leg didn’t make you feel bad enough, her lack of talent would have done the trick. The woman entertained the audience during commercial breaks with her covers of current radio hits.

Alli’s pick: Young the Giant killed their break out performance by singing “My Body”. They flew in 250 of their fans from their hometown of Irvine, California to be front row of the performance. Sameer, the lead vocalist proved to be nothing but passionate about his craft. Their stage presence was intense to say the least.

In his come back performance- Chris Brown took it to a new level by flying and flipping over the audience. His progressive dance and vocal routine ranged from a Nirvana cover to his latest hit “Beautiful People”. Though he may not be fully forgiven, fans put aside their negative feelings and watched in awe as a true performer graced the stage.

It makes you wonder what crazy $h!t will go down next year… Miley pregnant? Justin Bieber the father? Lady Gaga’s not really a lady? Kanye West is a gentleman?

Side note: The best part of the whole night was the new episode of J Shore that aired right before the awards. Even though it pissed us off that Ron didn’t take out Mike, it was funny to see Mike send himself to the hospital via cement wall. #ThatAintRight