Nate G of Portland combines drill vibes and trap bars in a catchy new single, Work, from his upcoming & untitled debut project. Formerly known as KidKid, the Bape aficionado and DsC (Dope Swagg Clique) affiliate is making a serious solo push and the early offering is promising.

The synthy YT808-produced single bounces alongside fiery well-timed  lyrics, making for a brand of music that stands outside the mainstream Portland hip-hop sound. Dark and intelligent, Work puts on for The Flats and invites listeners into the world of the Eastside rapper/hustler known as Nate G.

We Out Here Magazine is proud to present fly new music from fresh regional artists and today’s drop is no exception. Check out the first shot in a campaign you’ll certainly hear more about. And let us know what you think! #OutHere