I decided to do a photography post of all the stuff I’ve shot in the last month, showcasing events, photo shoots and special Ms. Lopez Media projects I’ve been working on. Keep up with my grind and all the dope moments I get to capture and be a part of! #mostouthere #MsLopezMedia

The beginning of May I got the pleasure of taking Ashleigh’s graduation pictures, this lady is so inspiring me, she grinds super hard and is a beautiful plus size model. To be honest I was a bit nervous to shoot her. She is super professional and always post beautiful pictures so I wanted to make sure I did her pictures justice.  As soon as I met her and her Momma, I felt right at home. She worked the camera and was so easy to shoot! It’s always important for me to shoot positive images of Black women because we never see enough of that in the media, when we know Black women are the most educated out there to date! Congratulations Ashleigh, can’t wait to work with you again and can’t wait to see where you go!

I’m always trying to shoot everything and anything. Some of my favorite things to capture are cultural images it’s rare to see these days; this made me miss my hometown of Yakima, WA a lot. I was taking my daughter to the park and saw a group of Latinos doing their prom pics and riding around in my favorite car, the Chevy SS Monte Carlo. Had to snap a few pics, though I regret not having the group get in front of the cars; they looked so fresh!

One way for me to balance myself when I’m feeling burnt out is get out into nature. I try to pick a new place every time I go out. This time I picked Lucia Falls. Once again, I like to shoot everything so I worked on my long exposure this time. I like to challenge myself, it’s one of the reasons I love photography – I have so much to learn! I feel like you can always learn something new every time you shoot!

I’ve been trying to document all the Gentrification happening in Portland it’s pretty hard to keep up with now a days it’s pretty much everywhere you look. I’m trying to stop and just snap some pics of the before and document where it’s happening.

I covered and shot promo for We Take Holocene 3, as most of you know my other thing to push/shoot is women of color creatives so this was special to me all these ladies are so dope! I can’t wait to see where each of them goes.

At the end of May I finally made a trip to my hometown. It had been way too long. I caught up with my Pops and some high school homies, including my friend Fifteen, a Yakima rapper who’s been on his grind.

If you like my work go follow me on Instagram, that’s where I post all my work. I am working on my website and hope to have that up and going within the month! Stay tuned for June’s edition of Most Out Here!

-Miss Lopez Media