If you haven’t heard of producer Bravo Domo as of yet, it’s probably a good idea to get familiar. The Portland native has made a real splash as of late capturing the attention of fellow Portland mainstays Mic Capes, Vinnie Dewayne, and most recently completed an entire EP with Yo! X titled “Silent Waves”. Putting his own unique touch on every track, Bravo Domo is one of the more promising talents the town has to offer!!

But along with his dealings as a melody based hip-hop beatsmith, Domo’s bread and butter is Krump production. Krump is a dance of passion and the production is no different. More of a feeling/battle based art form, Domo is known to the Krump production world as Lil Galvatron where he attacks every track with a grit and grime like none other.

With a cosign from the Co-Creator of Krump Tight EYEZ himself, The recently released 2 part instrumental concept albums “ARRIVAL” & “CONQUEST” are easily some of the best work from LG to date! “ARRIVAL” is a fast paced, gritty set of BUCKstrumentals intended for the everyday dance session type feel for Krumpers across the globe; where as “CONQUEST” is intended to wreck some shit!! Meant for the battle arena, “CONQUEST” is a set of BUCKstrumentals that is sure to get your point across to whomever opposes!!

You don’t need to be a Krump fan to enjoy these 2 albums… I find myself driving in the Benz, vibing out to each and every track!! You can also catch Domo in the upcoming Deadly Assassinz dance event this weekend Saturday, June 4th at Encore dance studio where not only his tracks will be displayed but he’ll also be showcasing his own set of Krump versatility in a battle of his own! OR June 22nd at this years Portland iStandard event at the 5th avenue lounge where (in my opinion) he walks away with the W.


Cover photo by Das Luene