Approximately one week ago, I attended one of the best shows Portland hip hop has had to offer in a long time. The newly formed record label Eyrst celebrated their one year anniversary at the Evergreen. Not only were they blowing out the candles for the label’s birthday, they also were celebrating the release of Martell Webster’s latest album “Emerald District”.

The former blazer has been on the move since he got out of the league and I don’t think he plans to stop any time soon. Tell teamed up legendary producer Jake One to show the world that his talents aren’t just limited to the hardwood. Throughout the album, Martell takes us on a trip through his unique sound and vision of  Seattle better known as Emerald City. He paints a passionate picture of his personal tribulations as well his victories accompanied by the sample heavy beat-smith Jake One. Now for those of you who don’t know who Jake One is, he has produced for superstars such as Drake, 50 Cent, and Rick Ross and many other heavy hitters throughout his career. Considering Martell and Jake are both from Seattle, this collaboration is huge for the northwest. I think it’s time we see Martell for the artist he truly is, not just a basketball player. That time is now.

Get familiar and check out his album “Emerald District” below then go over to  iTunes and slap it in your playlist!


Photo Courtesy of Vice Sports

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