Admittedly, I’m late getting to this Dave B album. But with a project this good, there’s really no time limits. Easily one of my favorite artists in the Northwest, Dave continues his streak of dropping consistent and timeless music with Pearl. 

From the opening track to the bonus track, Dave’s 3rd album impresses with smart lyrics, soulful melodies and beautiful production. Magnum and Sweetest Thing stood out to me, but each listen has me discovering gems, such as the expert rap flow on Dreamboy, which also includes heartfelt words from his mom. Production from Darius Rios, Elan Wright, and Nima Skeemz power the project with dreamy beats that complement the rap-singer’s groovy flow.

Great for all occasions and universally appreciable, Pearl is an excellent addition to Dave B’s already impressive catalog and a great look for the Northwest music scene. It’s feels strange to say that an artist garnering tens of thousands of plays is underappreciated, but in Dave’s case, it;s totally valid. 

His much anticipated release show for Pearl is scheduled for January 27th at Seattle’s Neptune Theater. Should be a lot of fun for only $15. I’d highly recommend going if you’re in the area.