With Portland already abuzz with Buzzfeed’s 10 Portland Hip-Hop Artists You Need On Your RadarJuice Radio started revealing the #FreshestintheNW list this morning. I expected this year’s debate to be better than last years, but I did NOT expect this. Put your seatbelts on people, and control your feelings.

Most readers are not clear on the criteria for the list, so I’d certainly suggest checking them out. The intro video (below) introduces you to this year’s panel of judges to the tune of Stewart Villain’s Everything instrumental.

While last year’s #10 position was fiercely debated and resulted in Thaddeus David taking the final spot over Illmaculate, this year’s debate was sparked over 2 Washington standouts: Tacoma’s Leezy Soprano and Seattle’s Dave B, neither of whom made last year’s discussion.

Left: Leezy Soprano Right: Dave B
Left: Leezy Soprano
Right: Dave B

In a battle of street buzz versus mainstream accomplishment, you’ll have to watch the video to see who took the 10 spot. Shout out to Cultural Blends and Sodalitas for keeping me icy on the road. #OutHere