Perusal of the WOHM submission box led me to an interesting artists named Bobby Burton (aka Bobs Dinero) and his Aviel Ben Yamin-produced single, Doors Windows MirrorsBut that is not what I’m here to blog about. DWM was fine, but not my cup of tea. The creativity on the track led me to dig a little deeper into the rapper’s Soundcloud though, and I quickly found a song I really dig.

Grunge-rap, when done right, is one of my favorite sub-genres and few tracks get it more right than the Gatsby-assisted Afraid To Die. Sharply lyrical with swag to spare, the longhaired rap-singer finds his place between the clever guitar riffs of the bittersweet, moody production. The associated album, Metempsychosis, is worth checking out as well (peep Focus ft. Solo). A little late, but better late than never, right? Check out the Loud Music crew page for upcoming show info. #OutHere