Just six months after dropping his 2017 album, Sharptongue, Sandpeople alum Al-One is back with another full-length album with Back 2 The Northwest. While the crafty NW vet’s discography dates back to the late 90s, B2TNW is the flagship project for his new record label, Stand Alone Records, and what an entrance it is.

The unique album screams “Sandpeople” while keeping with the dancy and upbeat musicality Al-One has always been known for. An eclectic cast of vocal features add energy to the decidedly lyrical project, and I couldn’t help but smile to see names like Brown Caeser, 9DM and TOPE grace the credits. Spreading the love around, B2TNW also features fresh verses from Madito, Phades, Big Saages, Uncle Suel, KP and Killer Reece, plus vocal support from Joya Marie and Lovely.

Be on the lookout for a Back 2 The Northwest release party at Mississippi Studios in the near future, and peep the appearance on DJ Klyph’s Welcome To The Neighborhood if you haven’t already. WOHM is proud to premier the first project from Al-One’s label Stand Alone Records, and encourage you to check it out on Spotify. The project will soon be available on 12” vinyl as well. #OutHere