I have booked a lot of rappers, but it’s not every day I get to book a bonafide legend to headline The THESIS. Needless to say, I’m very excited to bring Vursatyl – of the legendary Lifesavas – out to our little humble rap sanctuary to mix it up with a couple of THESIS vets.

Vursatyl is what’s referred to as a “God MC”. The lyrics are always potent and the delivery is always dexterous, plus when he takes the stage the crowds react. A rapper’s rapper with an enormous catalog, we can’t wait to see what ‘Vurs’ brings to The THESIS’ stage.

Returning headliner Lisa Vazquez is a multi- talented artist who deserves a LOT more attention for her accomplishments. A humble hard worker who often posts videos of her song-making process, Lisa doubles as a powerful vocalist. Whether singing, rapping or looping, Lisa makes the most of her abilities and leaves crowds in pure awe.


Stevo The Weirdo is the homie. Also a returning THESIS headliner, the half-baked ATL native has found a home in the Portland rap scene. While perhaps known for his amazing videos, saucy lyrics and for “always keeping a bad one”, Stevo boasts a fiery live show which features his potent music.


The three all-star performers will be joined by special guest D.O.E. and our THESIS DJ, the one and only Verbz.

All this for $10, but space is limited so I suggest arriving by 10pm.

It’s gonna be a good one. #OutHere