Verified is a monthly dance party thrown every second Saturday at Holocene by a wildly popular Portland DJ, Gangsigns. Very few people understand how hard it is to keep a monthly party going year after year, especially in a place like Portland, so congratulations are certainly in order.

The DJ lineup changes each month, but I got a chance to chat with the man behind it all, Gangsigns. We discussed his role in one of the city’s most popular parties, focusing on how he got started, how he’s kept it going, and what newcomers can expect from the trap-fueled DJ-focused event.

Mac: When did you get started DJing?

Gangsigns: I started DJing a little over six years ago. I started making beats for my friends to rap over and started posting them online. Next thing I know it, people wanted to book me off my beats. I was kinda forced into DJing but I was into the idea because I’ve always wanted to be a DJ. Started using Traktor on my laptop, then moved over to Ableton Live for a while, and now I perform on CDJs.

M: That’s dope. Forced to do what you love. So how did you end up starting Verified?

G: I started Verified because I wasn’t getting booked with the acts I wanted to play with. I wasn’t getting booked much at the time anywhere. Got tired of waiting for bookings one day and decided I was gonna do it myself. Two of my favorite parties, Trap Funeral & (Abstract Earth’s) Fresh ended, and I wanted to keep that kind of music alive in the scene. Luckily my manager at the time had friends at Holocene and he plugged me.

M: I see that you bring in guest DJs each time. How does it feel connecting with so many DJs?

G: It’s great! I get to meet my idols and people who really inspire me. I’m glad to say that I’ve made some good friends since I’ve started.

M: That’s really dope. So you’re four years in now. How do you keep the party fresh?

G: We like to keep things fresh by booking up and coming artists from Soundcloud, and also locally. We like to explore dance music that you wouldn’t hear typically hear in a club.

M: If someone had never attended a Verified party and came to the Anniversary, what should they expect/be prepared for?

G: Be ready for good vibes and new music you’ve probably never heard before. It’s kinda like house party vibes. We just like to have a good time and break new records and beats.


I want to give big thanks to Gangsigns for taking time out of his schedule to chat with us, and wish him the best of luck with his 4 Year Anniversary. Check it out this weekend if you can. They keep the party going till the late night. #OutHere